Tune Spotlite

Spotlight Tune: Dear Old Stockholm

By Sam Griffith

Great musicians are usually quite adept at making any song sound easy. Skilled rhythm section players support the melody (and soloists) by marking the form clearly, or providing interacting with the soloists. Soloists are able to improvise around the melody fluidly, create quality phrases, and shape solos in a dramatic fashion. Without looking at a leadsheet, or analyzing the tune, Dear Old Stockholm SOUNDS very easy to play.

It is not easy to play. (more…)


Spotlight Tune: Milestones

By Sam Griffith

Miles Davis composition Milestones is among a handful of jazz tunes that contain only two chords. Jazz theorists define these┬ácompositions as “modal”. Other modal compositions include Davis’ So What, John Coltrane’s Impressions and Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage. (more…)