Bizarre Moments in Jazz: 1959 Grammy Award Winners

By Sam Griffith

The year 1959 holds special significance in the history of recorded jazz. Several significant recordings were made this year, all of which are discussed in a great documentary – 1959 The Year The Changed Jazz. This documentary discusses 4 albums – Time Out by Dave Brubeck, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, The Shape of Jazz To Come by Ornette Coleman and Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus. All of these albums would become highly influential towards shaping the performance styles, improvisational concepts, and compositional approaches of future generations.  (more…)


Streaming Jazz and the Future of Listening to Music

By Daniel Jonas

Let me begin this post by saying something that a lot of musicians might find distasteful.  I am a Spotify subscriber.  I pay what I consider to be a paltry monthly fee to have access to millions of songs from my computer and phone from almost anywhere.  I willingly and gladly pay this fee – I LOVE Spotify.  And anyone who loves music should love it, too. (more…)

Digitized Digestion of Jazz

Jazz is an aural (Merriam-Webesters defines aural as: of or relating to the ear or to the sense of hearing) art form. We learn by listening. We learn by copying, imitating, transcribing, and overall, digesting jazz through our ears. Being a music educator, I believe that you cannot learn to play jazz without a heavy dose of listening. HOW we listen lies at the heart of this post. (more…)