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Top 5 Most Satisfying Maynard Ferguson Moments

A lot goes in to a satisfying Maynard Ferguson moment – it’s not just the range, the power, the sound – it’s got to make your hair stand on end.  And because it’s Maynard, it’s taste might be questionable.  But here’s my list:

5)  Maynard holding his own with Clifford Brown and Clark Terry from the 1954 album Jam Session

4)  His solo on “Spinning Wheel” from M.F. Horn Two

3)  The cadenza towards the end of “La Fiesta” from Chameleon

2)  The ending of Danny Boy” from The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson

1)  The entirety of “Maynard Ferguson” from Stan Kenton Presents (also on YouTube from a live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show)