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Albums from the past 365: Rudy Royston’s 303

by Grant Larson

I have to admit that when I first saw that drummer Rudy Royston was releasing his first album as a leader, I was pretty excited to take a listen. I heard Royston play live for the first time in 2005 at Dazzle Jazz in Denver, CO. At the time, I was a budding musician that had just relocated to Boulder, CO for graduate school at the University of Colorado. Royston left a strong impression on me with his lively, melodic, and tasteful playing. Those qualities certainly are on display in his recently released album 303. (more…)


Albums from the past 365: Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden Last Dance

By Grant Larson

Pianist Keith Jarrett and bassist Charlie Haden are two stalwarts in the 21st century jazz community. They have been playing and recording for nearly the past 50 years. Although they have not recorded together with much frequency in recent years, Last Dance is a testament to the musical connection that two close friends can produce.

The impetus for choosing this album is twofold:

1) I love listening to Keith Jarrett’s creativity, and

2) this discussion is to serve as a tribute to Charlie Haden, given his recent passing earlier this summer. (more…)