Album Re-Reviews

The 100th Listen – “April In Paris”

By Sam Griffith

April In Paris by Count Basie and His Orchestra is an unbelievable aural assault of articulation, dynamics, swing and soul. The title track was a big commercial success in the 1950s. Many of the other arrangements made popular by this recording remain relevant and are a common part of most professional group’s repertoire. On this album there are many great things….. and as well as a little weirdness. (more…)


The 100th Listen: “Sonny Rollins Plus 4”

By Sam Griffith

Sonny Rollin Plus Four is the lone recording made of the Clifford Brown/Max Roach quintet that is not under eithers name. Sonny Rollins, who played tenor saxophone in their group before blossoming into one of the most popular/emulated musicians on the 1950s, is the “official” leader of the recording. However, many of the albums highlights come from Clifford’s effortlessly elegant trumpet playing. (more…)