Month: November 2014

Last Week’s Jazz – 11/24/14

By Sam Griffith

Here is some interesting things that happened last week. Several (new?) bio-pics, some performances, a delightful Matt Wilson interview.



Jazz Concerts Streaming This Weekend -11/21/14

By Sam Griffith

Here is a list of jazz concerts streaming this weekend for FREE. Notable performances include Michael Weiss, Tim Horner and a Tito Puente tribute.


Friday, November 21st, 2014

7:30pm EST – JC Stylles Blakey Tribute at Smalls. (more…)

Last Week’s Jazz – 11/17/14

By Sam Griffith

Here is a run-down of some jazz-related new from the past week.


Jazz Concerts Streaming This Weekend – 11/14/14

By Sam Griffith

Here is a list of jazz concerts streaming for free this weekend. Notable performances include: Ellis Marsalis Birthday Celebration at Lincoln Center and Jason Jackson at Smalls. Click on the link to be redirected to the website where the stream is available. (more…)

Herb Pomeroy – Solo and Analysis

Herb Pomeroy – Now’s The Time

by Carl Schultz

Herb Pomeroy was a Boston based trumpeter that is infrequently discussed in the history of jazz. This is not due to his performance abilities as they have been highly thought of by many musicians, including the great saxophonist Charlie Parker. It was Pomeroy’s abilities as a trumpeter that led Parker to hire him when he was performing in Boston based clubs like Storyville or the Hi-Hat. One such date in 1953 was recorded and released as the BlueNote album, “Charlie Parker Live at Storyville.”

Pomeroy’s solos on this date show a very detailed and thoughtful approach to harmony as well as a way of playing the trumpet that seemed to be in vogue at the time. His playing is frequently in the middle and low registers of the instrument, features a dark yet brassy tone, and a ‘laid-back’ approach in his time-feel. These aspects were not uncommon among trumpeters hired by Parker such as Miles Davis or Chet Baker. Of the material on “Charlie Parker Live at Storyville,” Pomeroy’s solo on the Parker blues, Now’s The Time shows the overall finesse which the former brings to these recordings.


University Spotlight: “Dearborn Station” by the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble featuring Randy Brecker

University Spotlight reviews recordings and performances submitted to Dizzyland by University Jazz Programs.  Want your recording or performance reviewed on Dizzyland?  Follow the “Contact Us” links and let us know!

First off, let’s get this out of the way – I am a proud alum of DePaul University.  Located on Chicago’s North Side, DePaul has established itself as an anchor of jazz education in the Midwest, and Dr. Bob Lark, who directs the Jazz Ensemble, has put the group on the national jazz map through a series of excellent recordings released over the course of the last 20 years.  Over that span, the group has recorded both live and in studio with many of the greatest names in jazz, including Clark Terry, Bob Brookmeyer, Tom Harrell, Bobby Shew, Phil Woods, Slide Hampton, Jim McNeely and others.  A lot of students have come and gone through DePaul’s program in that span of time, but the group’s consistent and excellent performances have never wavered. (more…)

Last Week’s Jazz – 11/10/14

By Sam Griffith

Here is a rundown of the last week in jazz.

  • A list of Miles Davis albums ranked. I always liked Jazz At the Plaza the best. Not sure why it didn’t make this list, yet countless awful albums did. It seems as though some great albums are missing from this list (Live in Berlin? Anything from the Plugged Nickel? Smokin/Steamin/Workin/Relaxin?). But maybe that’s just me.


Trolling Sonny Rollins

By Dan Jonas

Unless you’ve been locked in a practice room shedding “26-2” for the last week, you’ve probably heard about the recent New Yorker satire piece “Sonny Rollins:  In His Own Words.”  The original article and various reactions to it (including Sonny’s reaction) has all blown up countless Facebook and Twitter feeds, but just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to the original article and a link to Sonny’s response. (more…)

Last Week’s Jazz – 11/3/14

By Sam Griffith

Last week, a few MORE jazz movies were announced/discussed/funded. There are links to some interesting discussions with musicians and scholars about the current state of jazz and jazz’s public reception. Also, Herbie Hancock was a guest performer with the roots on The Tonight Show. (more…)