Jazz In The Mainstream: Boardwalk Empire Season 5 “Cuanto”

By Sam Griffith

Well, last night’s episode offered us very little jazz. VERY little. 

Since jazz music served little purpose in this episode, I won’t waste many words talking about. The most interesting aspect of the soundtrack/music used in last nights episode is (once again) the ironic selection of popular music that accompanies the scenes with Nucky and Margaret.

In these scenes, selections such as “I Don’t Know Why” or “I’m Through With Love” are used as faint (!) underscoring. The usage of songs that have ironic titles/lyric content are used frequently Empire and are used several times in this episode. Unfortunately…that is all we have.

Outside of  any jazz, we have one short club scene, with a solo piano accompanying a dance rehearsal. And a fair amount of Satie-inspired underscoring.

For new readers, view some of the past posts for more insight into how Empire uses jazz music. Better luck next week!

Here is a link to the music featured in the episode:


Jazz In The Mainstream is a series of posts focusing on jazz references in modern media. Currently we are reviewing the music used in Boardwalk Empires 5th (and final) season. For more information about me, visit my page – samuelgriffith.com



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