Top 5 Worst Blues Heads

5) Footprints – Yikes. Probably was a cool song at some point but is no longer. When is the last time you’ve heard a memorable version of this song performed (outside of Wayne’s new quartet)? Too many people treat this song like its just a blues.

4) Billies Bounce – Is there a song obliterated more often every year? This is in large part due to its use in high school honor jazz ensemble auditions. Lets agree to find a new blues head for auditions. (*Note: It is especially awful to play on trombone, but not a representative song for a performers ability level. It caters to those with long arms.)

3) Equinox – The melody does have some ethereal quality about it. But…its typically just used as canon fodder for soloists who want to play a lot of doubletime passages.

2) Sonnymoon for Two – The “riff” in this song isn’t bad. And it’s a descending line, which seems to be somewhat rare in bebop melodies. But lord help you if you make the mistake of playing the head two times in a row!

1) Nows The Time – Can anyone salvage this melody? Is this even melodical? This is the worst. I don’t hear any of the magic that existed in other Parker blues heads like Perhaps or Relaxin’ at Camirillo. This song always resembles some sort of jazz hammered pounding away.

Apologies to: Isotope, Blue Monk, Freddie Freeloader


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